Josh - Owner

Josh is a USA Weightlifting coach who has helped countless clients achieve their strength and fitness goals through barbell training. He takes his time to get to know each of his clients and works to build a collaborative relationship where both coach and client are a part of the strength training process. When he isn't coaching, you might find Josh learning a new hobby, teaching his cat new tricks, or building his whisky collection.


Sam - strength coach

Sam has a BS in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science & Health Promotion. She played volleyball collegiately and still competes recreationally. On top of playing volleyball, she also competes in powerlifting. Sam has an Exercise Physiologist certification from ACSM, and has experience training various populations including pre/post natal, a wide range of athletes, as well as general population looking to improve their daily lives through strength training to name a few. She has a deep interest and love for the Selachimorpha and is an avid listener of multiple true crime podcasts. 



Matt - strength coach

Matt studied Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science. He is a certified Starting Strength coach, USA Weightlifting Performance Coach, and a USA Powerlifting Club Coach. He has worked with a variety of populations including a national champion powerlifter, college athletes, seniors trainees, children, and desk jockeys. Matt competes competitively in weightlifting and powerlifting. He also enjoys excessively hopped beer, baseball and coffee science.


Scott - strength coach

Scott, a NASM certified personal trainer and a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance coach, comes to SF Iron with many years of personal training and coaching experience. Scott's passion has always been coaching and helping those around him get stronger. Before getting into personal training, Scott was a collegiate football coach, as well as a strength and conditioning coach. Scott, a South Florida native, when not at SF Iron, can be found bemoaning the Miami Dolphins and cheering on the Miami Heat.


Steve - strength coach

Steve has a BS in Kinesiology. He came to SF Iron with a goal of improving everyone’s life through strength training. He has previously competed in weightlifting and now actively competes in powerlifting. When not coaching, Steve can be found poring over his love of baseball stats and traveling the world in search of great food and coffee.


richard - front desk

Richard is currently a student at San Francisco State University studying management. While he isn’t certified or formally trained, Richard has a strong background in athletics and overall fitness. If you have any general questions, need a help on a lift, or want to debate how the Lakers are the best NBA franchise, he’s your guy.