The deadlift builds back strength like no other exercise. By training your deadlift with proper mechanics,  you can build significant amounts of strength and stability in your trunk thereby lowering your risk of injury and increasing your athletic performance.

Learn proper setup mechanics for the deadlift at SF Iron.

Learn proper setup mechanics for the deadlift at SF Iron.

The bench press is one of the staple upper body exercises for developing strength. When done correctly, the bench press can be progressed in weight for many years. Improving shoulder stability, posture, and general upper body strength are just a few of the benefits the bench press offers.

By learning proper deadlift and bench press technique you will be on your way to improving the foundation of your training program, whether you train for general health, physique goals, athletic preparedness, or a combination of these goals! 

The class will be led by Josh and Zac, two of SF Iron's strength coaches who have years of experience teaching the barbell lifts and competing in strength sports. The seminar will be divided into a lecture component and hands on practice. During the lecture component, coaches Josh and Zac will explore the detailed biomechanics and cues involved in each lift. Once the theoretical foundation is established, you will practice the lifts with the coaches, getting feedback to help you improve form and technique. At the end of the seminar, there will be a question and answer session with the coaches.

Whether you are new to the deadlift and bench press or if you are looking to take your form on these lifts to the next level, this seminar is for you. The style of the instruction you receive during the seminar will be tailored to your skill level. Everyone will leave the seminar with the necessary tools to be able to incorporate the deadlift and bench press into their training regimen safely. If you are interested in learning how to confidently perform these high yield barbell lifts and reap the benefits in your training, come learn how at SF Iron!

Deadlift and Bench Press 101
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