Our mission is to offer the best strength training services San Francisco has to offer. We have experience coaching all levels of lifters, from newer lifters to intermediate and advanced athletes.

We coach in small group settings with 1 coach to 3 clients at a time, so that you receive personalized attention from your coach and also have the opportunity to learn by watching others. Our small group sessions are the basis of our diverse community of lifters.

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Initial Consultation

  • Free

You will sit down with one of our coaches to talk about what brought you into SF Iron and about what experience (if any!) you have with lifting weights. Your coach will walk you through what training at SF Iron looks like to make sure you have all the information you need to decide whether we’re the right gym for you!

Introductory package

  • $225 for 3 sessions

We want you to feel confident in your choice to train with us. Our introductory package is designed to let you experience what it’s like to train at SF Iron. You’ll learn how to lift in a comprehensive manner with one of our dedicated strength coaches and by the end of the introductory sessions, you’ll have a much better idea of what training at SF Iron feels like.

For the first two training sessions, you’ll work with your coach to learn how to perform the basic barbell movements; the squat, overhead press, bench press, and deadlift in an efficient manner. For the third session, you’ll start your training program with your coach! Congratulations, you just took a huge step towards a healthier you!

Recurring training

  • 1x per week: $380 per month

  • 2x per week: $600 per month

  • 3x per week: $800 per month

After you’ve finished your introductory sessions, choose how many days per week that you would like to train with your coach! We offer training options ranging from one day per week to three days per week.

Included in your ongoing membership to SF Iron is ongoing programming designed around your goals and needs, access to your coach via email and text message, and unlimited access to our open gym hours.